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Myanmar is trying to diversify the productive sectors and needs to create and / or modernize all production chains, after fifty years of total isolation.

Myanmar is the second country in ASEAN for territorial extension (676 578 sq km), with a population of 62.4 million people (according to the last census dates back to many years ago now), roughly equal to that of Thailand; recorded a GDP growing steadily in recent years at rates above 5%; enjoys a strategic geographical location between India, China and ASEAN countries (however, considering the upcoming creation of the ASEAN Free Trade Area in 2015, with a population of 591 million and a combined GDP of about 1,800 billion USD).

Yangon, the largest city and the most important commercial centre of Myanmar. Show received positive feed back from Myanmar Gems and Jewellery association and local industry. Exhibitors from 10 countries participated and visitor numbers are growing as awareness of first of its kind International Jewellery fair is taking place in Myanmar.

Myanmar International Gems and Jewelry Expo has created a GATEWAY to the untapped frontiers for international companies to find customers in Myanmar and for Myanmar manufacturers to tap into international market. Myanmar is synonym to Land of Rubies and Jades. MIGJEW is a platform to connect and display region's finest jewellery collection from diamonds, pearls, jades, gemstones, precious metals to precious stones.

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